Information about conducting of an extraordinary general meeting of shareholders of the leasing company "O'zqishloqxo'jalikmashlizing"

     September 26, 2014 in Tashkent held an extraordinary general meeting of shareholders of the leasing company "O'zqishloqxo'jalikmashlizing".

image004At the general meeting was attended by 7 shareholders and their representatives holding voting shares of the company, having 84.72 percent of the votes of the total number.

At a meeting chaired by Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the joint-stock leasing company «O'zqishloqxo'jalikmashlizing» Karimov F.F.

At the general meeting were reviewed and appropriate action on issues such as the election of chairman of the board of the leasing company, increase the size of the authorized capital by increasing the nominal value of shares from 2,200 to 2,285 soums, the transfer of authority to the Supervisory Board in deciding whether to issue new shares and approval of the prospectus emissions, as well as changes and additions to the charter of the company in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On joint-stock companies and protection of shareholders' rights."

By decision of the general meeting, Otajonov Nadir Sobirovich was re-elected chairman of the joint-stock leasing company «O'zqishloqxo'jalikmashlizing».

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