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The leasing mechanism is one of the effective mechanisms for supplying the rural areas with agricultural machinery, as well as for the development of agricultural machinery.




For the purposes of equipping the agricultural industry with contemporary high-performance agricultural machinery meeting international standards, as well as to attract foreign direct investment from major international companies, and for modernization of agricultural mechanical engineering enterprises, the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan has adopted a number of programs involving implementation of investment projects for the organization of new types of agricultural machinery production.




Based on «Tashkent Tractor Plant» OJSC and with the participation of «CLAAS» concern and «CLAAS Central Asia Investment GmbH» Company (Germany), was established «Uz CLAAS Agro» Joint Venture, which produces «Dominator 130» combine harvesters, «Arion 630С» plowing tractors and «Markant 55» balers.




Based on «Chirchiqqishloqmash» OJSC, in association with «LEMKEN GmbH & Co. KG» Company (Germany), was established «LEMKEN Chirchiq» Joint Venture for the production of 2, 3, 4 and 5 corporal tillage agricultural machinery LEMKEN («EurOral» mounted reversible plows, «Rubin» disc harrows, «Karat 9/300» intensive cultivators, etc.).




Based on «Tashkent Agricultural Machinery Plant» JSC, was launched the production of tractors under the license of LS Mtron Ltd. (South Korea), branded «TTZ LS».




«Uzkishlokkhujalikmashlizing» LJSC is the leading leasing company in Uzbekistan, providing services for the supply of domestically produced agricultural machinery with the participation of leading international companies. More than 50% of the production volumes of the aforementioned agricultural equipment is sold through «Uzkishlokkhujalikmashlizing» LJSC.




Since its establishment, the company has supplied for lease 57.4 thousand units of agricultural equipment for the total amount of 1.4 trillion UZS to farms, machine and tractor fleets, «Agrotekhservis» branches, and district divisions of «Selkhozkhimiya».




In order to successfully address these challenges, «Uzkishlokkhujalikmashlizing» LJSC carries out international operations, which include:


familiarization with the production of the world's leading agricultural equipment manufacturers at international exhibitions of agricultural machinery;


selection of modern agricultural machinery, which enjoy a strong demand among domestic agricultural producers, corresponding to farming practices and agricultural production cultivated in Uzbekistan;


familiarization with the advanced manufacturing technology on the factory floors of  the leading agricultural equipment manufacturers;


conduct of negotiations for advanced localization of production of the selected technology in the Republic of Uzbekistan, technology transfer, organization of service maintenance systems, as well as attracting the necessary investments for this purpose;


submitting proposals to the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan on production localization of major foreign models of agricultural machinery in Uzbekistan;




Within the framework of international activities, representatives of «Uzkishlokkhujalikmashlizing» regularly attend the major international exhibitions of agricultural machinery to examine the conditions of the world agricultural equipment market.






In February 2015, Chairman of the Board of «Uzkishlokkhujalikmashlizing» LJSC, Nodir Sobirovich Otajonov, in the lead of the group of senior officials of agro-industrial complex of Uzbekistan, participated in the International Exhibition of Agriculture and Livestock «SIMA-SIMAGENA», which took place in Paris (France) for the 76th time. This exhibition has the status of one of the largest venues not only within Europe, but worldwide. The exhibition was attended by more than 1,700 enterprises from 42 countries. 






Another major international exhibition of agricultural engineering industry takes place once in two years – AGRITECHNICA, which is held in Hannover (Germany). Organiser of the exhibition is German Agricultural Society (DLG / Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft). During the last exhibition – AGRITECHNICA-2013, nearly 2 900 exhibitors from 47 countries have submitted their latest developments. Employees of «Uzkishlokkhujalikmashlizing» LJSC also actively participated at this exhibition.




The following world's largest agricultural machine-building concerns present their production at these trade shows: JON DEER, NEW HOLLAND, CLAAS, KUHN, LEMKEN, JOSKIN, AGCO, AMAZONE, AGRO FRANCE, BELARUS, CATERPILLAR, CHALLENGER, LAMBORGINI, MASSEY FERGUSON. Main agricultural equipment producing countries at these fairs are USA, Germany, France, Italy and Belarus.




Visiting these exhibitions provides the company professionals with an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with the proposals of international manufacturers for the agricultural machinery, which has a demand at domestic agricultural producers.




Besides, the representatives of «Uzkishlokkhujalikmashlizing» LJSC visited production facilities of agricultural mechanical engineering corporations, such as CLAAS (Germany), НEW HOLLAND (Italy), LEMKEN (Germany), KUHN (France), JOSKIN (Belgium), LS Mitron (South Korea), TYM (South Korea) – partners of Uzbekistan for agricultural equipment production.




During these visits, the representatives of «Uzkishlokkhujalikmashlizing» LJSC have been demonstrated advanced manufacturing techniques for various classes of agricultural equipment, and have conducted discussions on technology transfer and the localization of production of selected equipment in Uzbekistan.




As a result of visits to international exhibitions, familiarization with samples of contemporary high-performance agricultural technology, visits to industrial enterprises of leading foreign agricultural mechanical engineering corporations, negotiations with top managers of these companies, «Uzkishlokkhujalikmashlizing» LJSC submitted proposals to the Government on the localization of production of leading international agricultural equipment in Uzbekistan and participated in the organization of manufacturing.




In order to implement modern international standards of corporate management to production, foreign trade and investment processes, «Uzkishlokkhujalikmashlizing» LJSC has introduced in its operations the quality management system in accordance with international management standards of ISO-9001:2008. So, in September 2014, based on the audit by «CERT INTERNATIONAL» international certification organization received the «Golden Certificate».



       Implementation of International Standards into management system creates conditions for ensuring openness and transparency of administrative activity, improving the quality of leasing services, active participation in the international financial services market, wide attraction of foreign direct investments and loans of foreign financial institutions for the financing of leasing services.



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