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         Leasing is a type of business, whereby investing temporarily unusable funds or loan funds the lessor under the lease agreement, undertakes to purchase the items, specified in a lease agreement from Sellers and transfer them to the lessee for temporary use based on lease rentals.   

Leasing is a type of rent. But in business this term mostly defined as a lease, where main assets are equipment and real estate.

        Leasing is a financial transaction. Leasing is purpose loan by its nature.

At present, lease transactions carried out in Uzbekistan can help to solve a number of problems:

  • updating and modernization of manufacturing capacities;
  • purpose loans for procurement of main assets;
  • control over the invested funds and efficient functioning of companies;
  • development of efficient manufacturing processes by use of the leasing system; and
  • attraction of foreign investment based on leased property and equipment (as per International Business Law such kind of transactions will not cause an increase in the foreign debt).

Types of Lease Relationships

Availability of the variety of lease relationships enables the parties to use different lease schemes and schedules and thus, make lease deals more efficient.

The major types are as follows:

Lease transaction where funds are obtained from the Investor, e.g. leasing is financed by using multiple sources.

Stock lease- applied in lease of high cost objects (airplanes, ships, complex equipment to be used in plants and manufacturing objects).

Vendor lease – in this case the Equipment/Property Vendor shall act as both the Seller and the Lessee, but will not be the End-User.

          The Lessee undertakes to find sub-lessee and transfer it the lease object.

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