About personnel development in «Agroleasing» LJSC



About personnel development in

«Agroleasing» LJSC


            «Agroleasing» LJSC conducts regular activitiesto upgrade personnel skills.

Thus,since the beginning of 2016, 2 employees of the company improved their qualifications and have received corresponding certificationsat «Marketing and Sales Manager» and «Attracting foreign investors»advanced training coursesorganized by the Corporate Governance Research and Education Centerunder the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

In 2016, itisprovidedthat4 moreemployeeswillbedirectedto these advanced training courses.

            Moreover, 1 employeeofthecompany has already raised his qualification, and, in September of this year, a training of another employee of the companyis scheduled on courses on contemporary corporate governance practices, organized by the Corporate Governance Research and Education Center,together with the «European School of Management and Technology» (Germany).

            Furthermore, in June this year, specialized advanced training courses for personnel entitled «Monitoring of performing discipline and office management skills» for 3 employees of the company, and «Fundamentals of office archive organization» for 3 employees of the company are scheduled on the basis of the Central State Archive of Audiovisual Documents.

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